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Accepting Credit Cards Through Merchant Account

While many small business owners do not believe they need to accept credit cards, the truth is that credit and debit cards are now the preferred payment method for most consumers, and few carry a great deal of cash. Accepting credit cards not only increases the chances of making a sale — studies have also found that customers spend more when they use a card rather than cash. The decision to accept cards at your business is necessary to compete today.

The most common and affordable way to accept card payments is through a merchant account services provider, which gives your business the tools it needs to begin accepting credit cards. A merchant account provider works as the middleman between your business and the customer’s credit card issuer or bank.

Merchant account services are available for all types of businesses, including online businesses, mobile businesses, and storefront businesses. To accept credit cards, you will need a merchant account, which holds funds from your sales until they are transferred to your bank account. In addition, you will need a point-of-sale terminal of some type, or the ability to turn your computer into virtual terminal, a service provided by NOVA Bancard.

While there are costs to accepting credit cards, these fees tend to be low and most are a small percentage of each transaction. In exchange for these fees, you can grow your sales and never again refuse a customer’s payment method. Customers will spend more, on average, than they would with cash, and your business can compete in the modern world.

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