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Credit Card Acceptance

As your business grows, credit card acceptance must take a higher priority. Businesses that do not accept credit cards are missing out on increasing sales, and not just because cards are now the preferred method of payment for customers, but also because credit and debit cards are more convenient and make customers more likely to make a purchase, and make a purchase greater than they would make with cash.

Credit card acceptance is not as complicated as you may believe, and it is now easy for businesses of all sizes and types to switch from a cash-only system. The most common and affordable way to accept credit cards is using a merchant account service provider, which gives your business the tools it needs to begin accepting card payments.

Merchant account services from NOVA Bancard work as a middleman between your business and your customer’s bank or card issuer. We process payments and make sure money is withdrawn from the card issuer and placed in your merchant account. Your merchant account works like a holding place for all of the payments you receive. Once funds are approved, we will transfer this money to your bank account.

We know you have many options today when you are ready to make credit card acceptance your number one priority. That’s why NOVA Bancard offers the services you need – custom tailored to your business model – at a price you can afford. We do not sacrifice customer service or security but instead work as your partner to help your business expand and increase sales.

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