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Jon Wish

The guiding principle by which NOVA Bancard was established remains the cornerstone of the firm today: Deliver Excellence. As President and CEO of the company, this is a commitment of fundamental importance to me both personally and professionally. To deliver excellence, every member of this team embraces integrity, service and teamwork as guiding principles for managing our relations with the community, our colleagues and our clients. There was a time when a handshake sealed a deal; when a person’s word was their bond. These are values, as President and CEO, I hold dear. NOVA Bancard embodies these values that are fundamental to nurturing the long term relationships that are developed day by day. For twenty-five years these commitments have served as the foundation for this company. The NOVA Bancard team consists of a diverse and professional collection of members from the payment processing industry. Understanding interchange pricing, risk management, underwriting, compliance and technology as well as partnering with Elavon brings an advantage to each of our clients. We are committed to sharing this knowledge with you. These commitments have served as the foundation for this company. We believe prompt and reliable customer service and forming a personal relationship with each of our clients is a key to everyone’s success. NOVA Bancard is proud to serve its clients and looks forward to joining your team on the road to a successful alliance.


Jonathan Wish

President & CEO


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